Planning to stay on Windows 10? Microsoft wants you to open your wallet.

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Change is the only constant in the realm of technology. Microsoft knows this, and we know they know this, which is why they take full advantage of it and force an upgrade every few years.

Like clockwork, come October 14, 2025, the curtain will fall on free support and security updates for Windows 10.

To be fair, ten years is a respectable run for any software, and Windows 10 is no exception. With Windows 11 already on the scene and whispers of Windows 12 in the air, it’s not like we didn’t see this coming.

Regardless, businesses and consumers alike now face a decision point. The options are clear:

  1. Embrace Windows 11: This path leads to a newer, supported environment with all the perks of ongoing updates and features.
  2. Stay with Windows 10, but at a price: Opting to linger on Windows 10 not only means paying for security updates; you’ll miss out on new features – a cost that could add up over time.
  3. Keep clinging to Windows 10, update-free: A dangerous gamble, exposing your staff to potential security threats and a lack of support.

Procrastination is a luxury that businesses can ill afford. While 2024 has just begun, the clock is already ticking towards the 2025 deadline. Upgrading to Windows 11 now could buy you an advantage.

For those contemplating the shift to Windows 11 or exploring other avenues, remember: when it comes to technology, adaptation is not a choice, but a necessity. If you need help upgrading your business, get in touch.

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