Beef up your productivity with Edge’s top features

Enhancing productivity is an ongoing quest for business professionals everywhere. From accelerating workflows to fine-tuning communications, every enhancement counts. Maximizing the potential of existing tools is vital, and your web browser should be no exception. Luckily, Microsoft Edge on Windows 11 is here to “save the day” – as in, save you oodles of time. … Read more

Focus tip of the day: How to set up Windows Phone Link

Apple users have long enjoyed a feature that allows them to sync their iPhones to their Macs, keeping the focus on the screen in front of them instead of having to look at two devices. Now, this synergy between PC and smartphone is also made possible for Windows users thanks to the Phone Link app … Read more

Windows 11 Moment 5 is here: Here’s what you need to know

Introduction Microsoft is poised to launch its latest Windows 11 update, aptly named “Moment 5” or the “February 24 Moment.” This eagerly awaited update is expected to bring a slew of significant enhancements sure to tickle your tech fancy. Notably, Microsoft is transitioning to annual updates for Windows 11, signaling the end of the frequent … Read more

Windows 10 licensing rides off into the sunset

You might have heard that Microsoft is saying goodbye to selling Windows 10 licenses this week. Don’t worry, Windows 10 is still going to be around for awhile – Microsoft will continue taking care of updates until 2025. But now is a great time for your business to start thinking about what’s next! Here are … Read more

Thinking of upgrading to Windows 11? You may want to hold off . . .

EDIT – 2023-08-25: We’ve since updated our opinion on upgrading to Windows 11. You can read about it here. Even though Windows 11 just recently turned the big one-o, we’re already beginning to hear the first whispers of Windows 12 emerge from the bowels of Microsoft. Since the new OS won’t be available until 2024, … Read more

Why gamble with your IT investment?

“I’m tired of IT systems that are operating poorly. Tired of expensive & limited solutions that don’t scale with the business. Tired of support applying short-term bandaids to long-term problems. I want a solution that scales without any IT hassles. I want technology to be an aid, not a burden. And I want a team of experts I trust to lead the way. I’m ready.”

Well said. Let's make that happen.