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Joel DeTeves - Founder, Perfect Leap Technology

Joel DeTeves

Founder, Perfect Leap Technology

Hi, I’m Joel. I’ve been doing this awhile.

So I’ve learned a few things about what makes a great fit—for you and for us.

Are you a $1M+ dollar business? Got at least 10 employees, seats or computers to manage? And willing to dedicate 2% of your annual budget to an IT plan & solution?

If so, great. Let’s talk about: 1) Your greatest IT pains. 2) What you’re looking for. 3) How we can help you grow & become more profitable. We’ll have a great discussion. Promise.

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Metro Vancouver | (604) 992-8178
Most companies operate with computer systems that are vulnerable & unreliable. We partner with them to create their IT strategy & plan. Then keep their entire network safe & running. So leaders will always feel confident knowing their data is not at risk.
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