Our Team

Joel DeTeves


Lucas Salibian


Steve P

Marketing Lead

Kris S



Our “Why”

We love tech. We’ve been hooked since the beginning – from the early days of installing DOS games on the family PC from floppy to the incredible advances in cloud and AI, our work is our play.

And what better way to enjoy our passion than by helping businesses in Vancouver stay safe? We view every new partnership as an adventure. Because that’s what it is for us – a new opportunity to explore technology and do what we love most.

But there’s more to it than that. In our experience, most IT support companies put profit before people – and that’s just wrong. Because our customers are what enable us to keep going. And we get to be the reason their tech keeps going. We’ve built this business on referrals from businesses like yours, and leaders like you.

We started Leap Cloud Solutions to do just that – build a company that puts people first, and where our own people are motivated by all the cool things we get to do and experience every single day.

Want to partner with us? Let’s talk.

~ Joel DeTeves, Founder

Why gamble with your IT investment?

“I’m tired of IT systems that are operating poorly. Tired of expensive & limited solutions that don’t scale with the business. Tired of support applying short-term bandaids to long-term problems. I want a solution that scales without any IT hassles. I want technology to be an aid, not a burden. And I want a team of experts I trust to lead the way. I’m ready.”

Well said. Let's make that happen.