Thinking of upgrading to Windows 11? You may want to hold off . . .

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EDIT – 2023-08-25: We’ve since updated our opinion on upgrading to Windows 11. You can read about it here.

Even though Windows 11 just recently turned the big one-o, we’re already beginning to hear the first whispers of Windows 12 emerge from the bowels of Microsoft.

Since the new OS won’t be available until 2024, there’s no rush to upgrade your PCs, but since we like to be prepared for the future, here is what we now know.

As usual, Redmond is keeping their cards close to their chest and have only provided us with vague details so far. However, we’ve managed to catch a sneak peak and it definitely looks to be a departure from what we’re used to!

If what we believe we’re seeing makes it to production, it’s a very “dare we say” Mac-OS like experience: It looks like the search bar is moving into the top-center while the taskbar is has morphed into a floating dock. And instead of being at the bottom of the screen, the widgets panel and Action Center will now be at the top:

That said, it’s unlikely we’ll see a big jump in hardware requirements, so you don’t necessarily need to worry about it causing the same problems as when Windows 11 was first released. That’s because more PCs will be compatible out of the box.

Nevertheless, given Microsoft’s continued commitment to security, some of the security devices required by Windows 11 will likely be given more focus.

Overall, we anticipate seeing more of the steady stream of small upgrades that have hit Windows 10 + 11 over the last year. The good news is that making Windows 12 reliable and bug-free appears to be Microsoft’s goal.

In the upcoming months, there will no doubt be more developments. As we continue to hear updates from Microsoft, we’ll be sure to share the most significant ones with you.

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