Using Teams to share sensitive data? You may want to read this.

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Microsoft Teams has quickly established itself as one of THE most valuable business tools for the way we work today.

Your employees can communicate and collaborate in a fast, efficient manner no matter where they work.

However, working remotely can expose you to some SERIOUS security risks.

According to new research, nearly half of employees share confidential and sensitive files via Teams.

This can be a major issue if employees use personal devices rather than company-issued equipment… Simply put, it is not as secure as those maintained by IT.

According to the survey, more than half of respondents admit to using their own devices to share critical business information. To make matters worse,  48% admitted they may have sent files to the wrong recipient!

So, how can you ensure that your employees are using Teams the right way to keep your business data safe?

The answer is to make sure all your employees, from new hires to managers get educated often on cyber security.

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that all the necessary measures are in place to protect sensitive data like customer information. Because if it falls into the wrong hands, the consequences could be a costly nightmare. Imagine what would happen if your company was embroiled in a nasty legal battle…

Remember, even a well-known app like Teams is only as secure as the people and devices using it.

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