SMBs are having a slugfest with malware. How does your business stack up?

Malware attacks are hitting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) harder than ever before. While most businesses understand the obvious need for cyber protection, what many *don’t* understand is that a good ol’ antivirus just isn’t enough to protect against hackers anymore. So if you’re one of those businesses running the same old cyber strategy you’ve … Read more

Winner, winner, phishing dinner: 3 types of email scams on the rise

Phishing: Whether your knowledge of the subject amounts to the special at the local seafood joint or you fancy yourself a tech-savvy business owner, you must be aware of the implications behind email-driven threats. if you don’t know what a phishing email is, think of it like this: Imagine an innocent-looking email from a vendor, … Read more

How much should you pay to decrypt ransomware? Pros and cons

Great coaches often recommend focusing your energy on activities that move the business forward. Only do what only you can do. If you want to grow a thriving company, you’ve got to put in the time where it matters most – on getting your business in front of the right people. We’ve all fallen prey … Read more

Press Release: Leap Cloud Solutions Partners with Huntress Labs

We are pleased to announce Leap Cloud Solutions is partnering with Huntress Labs to deliver even better cyber security to our small business customers. Given our experience, we understand more than anyone how important it is to have a strong security posture. From day one, we’ve employed the use of industry-standard best practices + technologies such as … Read more

Google and Yahoo tell business email customers to get their SPF together

Starting this month, a significant shift is on the horizon for companies reliant on mass emailing via Google or Yahoo. Businesses must adopt Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC), for any volume exceeding 5,000 emails. This move, spearheaded by Google and Yahoo, is prodding all companies who use branded email to clean up their … Read more

Small Business Cyber Security: Are Vancouver MSPs still relevant?

vancouver small business owner it support for accounting firms

Despite the rising costs in Vancouver, many small businesses are thriving, each with their own unique story and character. Imagine one such business, a boutique accounting firm serving the real estate sector. The owner, a dedicated CPA veteran, prides himself on 1) his collection of fancy bowties and 2) delivering five star service to commercial … Read more

FACEBOOK SCAM ALERT: Beware these ads promising you profit

It’s midweek . . . you’re deep in the analytics of your latest marketing campaign. A Facebook notification pings – there’s an ad promising to supercharge your business with AI. You’re intrigued. You click. But wait – you’ve just stepped into a digital minefield. Cybercriminals are weaponizing Facebook ads to serve you malware. You think … Read more

Why gamble with your IT investment?

“I’m tired of IT systems that are operating poorly. Tired of expensive & limited solutions that don’t scale with the business. Tired of support applying short-term bandaids to long-term problems. I want a solution that scales without any IT hassles. I want technology to be an aid, not a burden. And I want a team of experts I trust to lead the way. I’m ready.”

Well said. Let's make that happen.