Windows 10 licensing rides off into the sunset

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You might have heard that Microsoft is saying goodbye to selling Windows 10 licenses this week. Don’t worry, Windows 10 is still going to be around for awhile – Microsoft will continue taking care of updates until 2025. But now is a great time for your business to start thinking about what’s next!

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider upgrading to Windows 11 sooner rather than later:

1. Security – Windows 11 contains the latest and greatest security features, including hardware-level features that stop malicious apps from tampering with your data. So if you want the best protection, then yes – Windows 11 is more secure (though be warned, your computer needs to be built in the last 2 years if you want to take advantage of these new features).

2. New Features – Want the latest and greatest? Windows 11’s new productivity and collaboration features add a lot of nice-to-haves. Consider tabbed File Explorer windows for example, which reduces desktop clutter and helps keep distracting file windows to a minimum. Or the new snap layout & multitasking features which make arranging your apps and programs a breeze. Windows 11 is almost a complete redesign in the places that matter, while staying familiar in areas you’d expect.

Windows 11’s tabbed browsing makes it easier to stay productive

3. Support – Just like when you go to the doctor, your computer needs check-ups and maintenance too! Microsoft will still take care of Windows 10 until 2025, but after that, your IT department might not be able to fix all the problems. So, it’s a good idea to start thinking about what you’ll do before that time comes.

4. Being prepared – The world is always changing, and so is technology. Keeping ahead of changing technology trends is important, and your computers are no exception. Sudden changes can disrupt productivity, so It’s best to be prepared now so you can train your staff in a controlled manner instead of waiting for the bottom to fall out of your current IT systems.

Once again, don’t worry if you’re still using Windows 10 now. Just remember, it’s always a good idea to start planning ahead. That way, your business will be ready for what’s next!

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