Hello, passkeys: The passwordless future is here

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Are you tired of trying to remember all those passwords for your online accounts? Good news! Soon, you won’t have to! Passkeys are coming to replace traditional passwords and make logging in to your accounts safer and more secure.

Some of the biggest tech companies, like Apple, Google, and Microsoft, are already using passkeys on some of their apps. And now, even password management software companies are getting on board.

This new technology has been supported by the FIDO alliance, an organization of major tech companies, in the hope that it could eventually replace passwords completely. These companies are already rolling out passkeys on some of their applications, and the adoption of passkeys by traditional password management software companies is likely to accelerate the transition.

Passkeys work by storing your login credentials on your phone, where only you can access them with your fingerprints or facial recognition. When you log into an account, the site will create a public key which then requests your private key. Your matching passkey gives you access to your account, just like a password.

Password managers allow you to create and store all your logins, ensuring that you always have a strong, unique, and uncrackable password for every site. The adoption of passkeys by a growing number of traditional password managers is likely to accelerate the move away from passwords.

Leap Cloud Solutions has spent spent years implementing strong passwords for our clients, but the truth is we probably won’t miss them when they’re gone. Any move towards better security is awesome, and we don’t think it will be too long before most online service providers use passkeys by default.

If you’d like any help to keep your business secure in 2023, get in touch. We’re here to help you keep your business safe and secure.

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