When it comes to technology, not enough non-profits are taking advantage of this

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Did you know that many non-profits are missing out on a major advantage when it comes to technology? It’s true! Many non-profits don’t take full advantage of all the benefits that are available to them.

Many not-for-profits are familiar with Tech Soup Canada, who offer a ton of discounted and donated software licensing for qualified non-profit organizations through their partner network of companies.

However, one of the biggest benefits most non-profits are missing out on is the Microsoft Azure Grant. With Azure, non-profits can store and access their important information and data online, instead of having to keep it on a physical computer or server. This makes it easier and cheaper for non-profits to share information and work together, no matter where they are located.

But here’s the best part: Microsoft offers a $3500 USD credit to qualified non-profits who use Azure through a donation license. That’s a lot of free cloud services!

So why aren’t more non-profits taking advantage of this? One reason could be that they don’t know about it. Or, they might think it’s too complicated to set up. But the truth is, it’s not difficult at all. Microsoft has a special program for non-profits, called Microsoft Philanthropies, that helps them get started with Azure and other technology solutions.

If you work for a non-profit, or know someone who does, make sure they know about the benefits of donation licenses and cloud adoption. It could save them a lot of money and make their organization more efficient and effective. And don’t forget about that $3500 credit – it’s a great opportunity to get started with Azure without spending a lot of money.

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