Top 5 reasons to switch IT support companies: Change, service levels, and how Vancouver businesses benefit

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Reason #1 – They’re failing to communicate

What’s the first of our top 5 reasons to switch your current IT provider? Let’s face it, little to no communication can drive a wedge between businesses and their services provider. It’s critical in today’s digital market that IT providers maintain good service by establishing consistent and clear communication. Imagine having issues with your cloud access and your current provider offers no swift solutions, or worse, fails to acknowledge your problems. It’s not an ideal situation!

Engaging with a support provider such as Leap Cloud Solutions who prioritizes strengthening communication channels with clients means we don’t just fix issues for the sake of it. Our knowledgeable team of IT support technicians addresses the root of the problem to prevent it from reoccurring. Picture this scenario: you’re faced with a critical software problem and your current provider takes an unacceptable amount of time to respond. This could leave your company in the dark, impeding the perception of value for your own clients. Time is crucial in solving IT issues and little to no communication can contribute to delays or even create new problems.

The benefits of working with expert IT support

Switching your support provider can also elicit broader benefits. With proactive, responsive IT support, there’s more time to focus on marketing for your Vancouver business. Imagine leveraging your business potential by directing resources towards growth instead of wasting time troubleshooting issues that a good support provider should handle. Switching your IT support company means welcoming better communication, faster fixes to problems and more effective use of time and resources.

A reliable managed services provider also has better knowledge and access to latest IT solutions. This allows for faster growth and the use of cutting-edge technology to bolster integrated cloud services. Companies who hesitate to take advantage can miss out on these benefits. Managed service providers like Leap Cloud Solutions, for instance, make it a point to keep clients informed on new ways to maximize their services, providing Vancouver businesses a competitive edge in the crowded digital space.

In conclusion, the best reasons for businesses to switch providers are clear as day. Communication is key; lack of it is a strong enough reason to consider upgrading your current IT support company. Vancouver businesses stand to benefit enormously from doing so. It’s time to start experiencing improved communication, less downtime, and more progressive technological solutions. So, why wait?

If getting accurate information feels like pulling teeth, it might be time to switch IT providers

Reason #2 – Security is an afterthought

The importance of having a good digital defense in this day and age is an understatement. Even so, many IT providers seem to put it on the back burner, treating cyber security as an afterthought. This poses huge risks and even bigger problems for their clients. One of the top reasons to switch your current IT support provider is if they are guilty of allowing your network to be compromised. Cyber protection is vital for the security of your business, and even more so for the privacy your clients.

With that said, there is a silver lining: with today’s solutions, there really is no excuse for poor cyber security.

Businesses in Vancouver and beyond are increasingly realizing the significance of strong cybersecurity systems. If your IT service vendor does not prioritize this, it’s time to consider switching. Downtime due to system breaches can result in aftershocks that last a lifetime for your company.

Managed IT Services are the key to a highly secure business model

For the uninitiated, managed service providers (MSPs) are firms that remotely manage a client’s IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems, typically on a proactive basis and under a subscription model. A competent MSP will, without compromise, prioritize your cyber security, ensuring that no form of data leakage is allowed to slip through the cracks.

A thoughtless “break fix” approach to cyber security invites a host of problems. One of the contents of an effective managed security system is constant monitoring and immediate action if a breach is detected. The provider should be able to offer real-time system monitoring. This includes identifying potential issues and rectifying them swiftly and efficiently, limiting the blast area of any potential damage.

The principle of least-privileged access

Security is not just about having complex systems but also about access. A reputable service vendor will regularly conduct thorough audits and inspections to assure their clients’ systems are secure and their data is safe. If your provider is not taking such measures, it’s time to seek change. Ensure staff logins have access only to what they need, nothing more. Granting system-wide permissions is a massive data breach waiting to happen.

When it comes to businesses, the importance of cyber security cannot be overstated. One of the main reasons for switching IT support companies is if you find your current service falling short in providing robust security solutions. Services, cybersecurity included, need to evolve and adapt over time, hand-in-hand with your business – not focus only on fire-fighting problems after they happen.

If security is an afterthought for your current IT provider, it’s high time you switch to a provider who places your security at the forefront where it truly belongs.

Reason #3 – Your IT support takes hours – or even days to respond

One of the top reasons to switch IT support providers is when it takes an unreasonably long time to get a response, often stretching to hours, days or – yikes, even weeks! A business operating in an environment that’s increasingly digitized can’t afford such lengthy downtimes. Time is very much indeed money in today’s business world. Issues that require an IT support provider’s attention can range from simple web design glitches to complex system crashes – each minute waiting on hold signifies a potential loss for your business.

A team that understands the value of time in resolving IT issues, like the team at LCS, is worth considering a shift in providers. A common sentiment echoed among businesses who made the switch to Leap Cloud Solutions is that their previous provider lacked adequate communication, leaving them in the dark about when and how their problems would be resolved. Moreover, being proactive was often treated as an afterthought, not a priority. This isn’t good practice, especially when dealing with businesses who depend on having reliable systems in place to serve their customers.

The time it takes for your support provider to respond shouldn’t be delayed; otherwise, you might as well fix the problem at home. The goal of engaging an IT support company is to save time and resources, which can’t be achieved when response and resolution aren’t up to snuff.

The real cost of bad IT support

Cost is another substantial factor for businesses looking to make a switch from their managed IT services provider. Several businesses in Vancouver have realized that a prompt response to IT issues doesn’t have to come paired with a heavy price tag. Consequently, they’re migrating to service providers that offer better value for money in the form of excellent and timely support, without draining their resources. Not only are managed services cheaper than hiring – they’re a better bang for your buck as well.

In conclusion, how fast you get a response is a crucial aspect of IT support. This has even more significance where time-sensitive businesses are concerned. Service providers must evolve from being mere problem-fixers to proactive enablers of business goals. Businesses in Vancouver that made the smart switch to Leap are reaping the benefits of better service at cost-effective pricing. Thus, the quality of support is crucial, especially for those wanting a change in how their IT issues are handled. Successful businesses understand that even something as small as a missed email can have a big impact on client satisfaction, underscoring the importance of engagement and responsiveness in their IT support strategy.

Getting good support shouldn’t make you feel like you’re in your own Pablo meme!

Reason #4 – They’re always upselling, but never strategizing

Your IT provider plays a crucial role in the success of your business. However, there’s a considerable difference between a support provider that’s always looking to upsell their services and a company truly dedicated to providing strategic support for your systems.

If your current IT support company seems more interested in getting you to invest in expensive hardware and software than in helping you make the most of your existing systems, then it might be time to consider changing providers. In fact, one of the key reasons to switch IT support companies is if they’re always upselling, but never strategizing. Always pushing for upgrades is a red flag that they’re putting their interests ahead of your own – and that’s never a good thing.

An IT support provider’s primary focus should be on your business needs and long-term goals. Some MSPs (Managed Service Providers) are notorious for pushing the latest Microsoft Suite or cloud system. However, the best ones understand that hopping onto every tech trend doesn’t necessarily equate to success. By designing and implementing an effective IT roadmap tailored for your business, and focusing on achieving strategic objectives as opposed to merely pushing for service and system upgrades, both parties benefit from a long-lasting relationship. Good providers know strategy is the key to a successful partnership, whether they work with businesses in Vancouver or elsewhere.

Understanding your unique business needs

Every business has a unique set of needs and constraints. The IT support company you choose should work within those parameters to provide you with the best possible solution for each scenario. This approach might not always involve the latest or most expensive systems and services: it’s the strategy that counts. By leveraging cost-effective, efficient solutions, your operations can continue to function as seamless as possible. Time is also of the essence. After all, no company wants to wait weeks for a response from their IT team.

Finally, the top MSP’s in Vancouver and beyond understand that security is a lynchpin – it can make or break your business. While it may be tempting to turn your systems into Fort Knox, strategically implementing measures that protect your business while ensuring proper training for staff is how you’ll be successful in today’s digital landscape.

Marketing buzzwords can sometimes catch us off guard. Still, before you succumb to a service upgrade or the latest Microsoft AI tool, ask your IT provider, “how does this impact my business in the long run, positively or negatively?” Their answer will give you a good idea of whether you’re getting the IT support you deserve. Remember, a company that’s always ready to upsell doesn’t have your best interest at heart. It’s the strategy behind it that genuinely propels your business forward.

Reason #5 – You’re not getting results

Last, but not least in the top 5 reasons to switch IT support providers hinges on a simple, yet crucial factor: you’re not getting results. Period. No matter how much money you’re investing in your current company, you’re left with the daunting reality of having to deal with tech problems on your own. It begs a serious question, “What am I even paying them for?”

Why does this happen? Often, it’s a lack of knowledge and proficiency on the part of the support provider. Without adept understanding and robust systems in place, issues are bound to arise. At times, such problems may not even be apparent to you, because, let’s face it, you have a business to run.

In these cases, it might be a life-changing decision to make the switch. Imagine working with an accredited IT service provider, a team so proficient that they don’t just fix problems, but prevent them from happening in the first place. This team understands the importance of your time, and wouldn’t squander it on band-aid solutions. It’s time to start thinking long-term.

In this era of rapid change and technological progress, when the ground is shifting beneath our feet, you need constant vigilance and adaptation. Partnering with great support team is about ensuring the future of your business. We’ll make sure your business grows with technology, not in spite of it.

Sure, saving some money by making do with a mediocre support company might be enticing, but consider the real cost. A botched IT strategy can incur heavy losses in the long run, and worse, it can do irreparable damage.

Nevertheless, switching to a new support provider is not all about budget. It’s about having a holistic IT strategy in place, one that takes into account all things essential for your business. From enhanced security measures to efficient cloud solutions, technology is about facilitating the seamless operation of your business.

So, how do Vancouver businesses benefit from this? By opting for a proficient IT company, your business gains a competitive edge. Whether it’s adapting to the shift to cloud computing or ensuring top-tier security, an expert partner can help you make the right decisions at the right time. So if you’re not getting results, it’s the optimal time to switch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I do if I’m stuck on a contract with my current IT provider?

As a business owner, you must weigh the pros and cons of whether it’s worth sticking with your current provider for another few months or even a year. The risks of staying with a company who isn’t there when you need them might outweigh the benefits of spending to get out of your contract. Alternatively, it might be possible for a new provider to “acquire” your current contract through a buy-out. In either case, it may be a discussion worth having.

Is it better to hire in-house IT support?

Hiring in-house as opposed to switching to another provider comes with a whole host of new challenges. Good people are hard to come by – and even more expensive to train and retain. If your business has a robust IT management team in place, then it can thrive with an internal IT department. But if you’re looking to make the switch from outsourcing, be aware of the hiring challenges and investment costs that come along with doing so.

Can outsourcing reduce IT support costs?

A good IT strategy is not always about reducing costs, though working within a budget is certainly a part of it. In general, we recommend that businesses aim for a budget of 2-3% of their AGI (annual gross income) when looking at how much to budget for their IT expenses. Outsourcing can certainly go a long way towards that.

My business isn’t in Vancouver / has more than one location. Is it worth switching to outsourced IT services?

Outsourced IT providers are often just as well if not better equipped to handle businesses in remote locations. In the case of on-site emergencies, they have resources available close to / in those areas, but in most cases, and with the right strategy, issues can be resolved remotely.

My business uses proprietary software. Can you support it?

In most cases, yes. The role of a managed service provider is to work with vendors in each industry (accounting, healthcare, construction, etc) to establish a level of front-line training for technicians to deal with level 1 issues, and escalate higher-level issues to the vendor as needed. If the software is not on a support contract, then as long as some documentation is available support can be handled on a best-effort basis. Otherwise, you might need to re-think your long-term strategy and consider a more modern solution.

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