Press Release: Leap Cloud Solutions Partners with Huntress Labs

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We are pleased to announce Leap Cloud Solutions is partnering with Huntress Labs to deliver even better cyber security to our small business customers.

Given our experience, we understand more than anyone how important it is to have a strong security posture.

From day one, we’ve employed the use of industry-standard best practices + technologies such as firewalls, endpoint antivirus protection, multifactor authentication, network monitoring, intrusion detection and vulnerability management.

However, while these methods have done a great job keeping our customers safe, it’s become clear over the last few months that industry trends are changing rapidly – and with those changes, so are the threats and the impact they’re having on small businesses like yours.

As both your sword and shield against cyber attacks, we have a responsibility to stay up to date on these changing trends. One such trend is the industry shift towards “Managed Detection & Response”, a technology some insurance providers refer to as “Next Gen Antivirus”, although in reality it’s much more than that.

At Leap, we pride ourselves on doing what’s right for our clients. We’ve spent months searching for the right solutions partner and one we can trust to deliver the same level of service excellence we demand from our team members.

So why Huntress? Here’s what our partnership means for you:

– 24 x 7 Global Security Operations Center (there’s a team working around the clock to analyze threat actor behavior)

– Immediate response in the event of a threat (infected machines can be isolated the second a breach is detected)

– Human-led detection & response means we are able to respond to threat-actor behavior, not just software-driven events like viruses and ransomware

– Enhanced visibility on zero-day vulnerabilities

In addition, Huntress respects your privacy. Huntress does not actively collect and read personal information. Any personal information they do come across during the course of an investigation is incidental and treated with confidentiality.

Privacy and trust are very important to us – we share the same policies here at Leap. Working with businesses in the health care, non-profit and legal sectors means we also need to choose a partner who meets Canadian + British Columbia privacy standards; after consulting with others in our industry and trialing the software we are confident Huntress exceeds these standards.

Finally, Huntress does not have remote access to your systems. They have the ability to isolate during a breach event only, and even so, such events are escalated to Leap based on severity.

In terms of the impact on your business, Leap will be coordinating with our customers to make the required changes within the coming days. As usual, we will do our best to make the transition seamless.

Stay tuned for more info.

Joel DeTeves
Founder, Leap Cloud Solutions

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