Cyber Security Consulting in Metro Vancouver

Experiencing a cyber attack at your Vancouver business? We’re here to help.

What if you never had to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands?

Ransomware, viruses, DDoS Attacks – oh, my. With so many cyber-related threats to worry about, it’s a wonder most businesses manage to – well, stay in business. But not yours. With Leap Cloud Solutions™ as your cyber security consulting provider in Vancouver, be at peace knowing your data – stays your data.


  • Cyber Risk Management
  • Cyber Security Audits
  • Firewalls & Intrusion Detection
  • Antivirus / Antimalware
  • Ransomware Prevention
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Patching Software Vulnerabilities
  • Cyber security for on-prem & cloud-based environments
  • GPDR and PIPEDA compliance
  • Passing cyber insurance requirements
  • Employee Cyber Security Training & Cyber Threat Vector Reduction
  • Emergency Disaster Recovery / Cyber Attack Response

Stop worrying about cyber threats and start focusing on growing your business. And rest easy knowing your data is not at risk.

"We've hired several IT support contractors. None worked out well. We were starting to think something was wrong with us! Then along came Joel and his team! Responsive, pro-active & skilled - just what we needed. Joel communicates well with all our users - in ways they understand. Joel built great relationships with leaders, managers & frontline staff. And, removed the burden for everything IT. He's a critical partner for our company. I can't recommend Joel & his team enough."
~ Tiffany Melius • Executive Director, New View Society
"We chose Leap Cloud Solutions because we needed a rock-solid, secure solution for our website servers. These servers used to go down constantly. This caused us major problems. But not anymore! Since hiring LCS, we've had no downtimes, no issues. They respond quickly. Make changes when we need them. Answer support tickets completely. We’re growing our business, confidently, knowing all our IT is in good hands."
~ Stefano Cossalter • Co-Owner, TracksInc GPS Solutions
"Joel from Leap Cloud Solutions was great. He jumped in and quickly fixed our IT issues that came up after a power outage and kept us running smoothly.  We highly recommend Leap Cloud Solutions."
~ Jason Golbey • Owner, Golbey Law

Keep the bad guys at bay.

Emails hijacked? Passwords stolen? Ransomware wiped out all your company data files? It’s a mad mad world out there. We could tell you how to avoid falling victim to a cyber attack, but the truth is by the time most companies know, it’s too late. You know what they say – it takes a village. But we say: why hire a village when you can hire an army? As your cyber mercenaries, that’s where our Vancouver Cyber Security Consulting team comes in. Got an urgent computer problem? Call us now. Know about the cyber risks, and want to prevent that from happening? Smart. Build your business with confidence knowing you’ve got a cyber guide by your side.

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Why gamble with your IT investment?

“I’m tired of IT systems that are operating poorly. Tired of expensive & limited solutions that don’t scale with the business. Tired of support applying short-term bandaids to long-term problems. I want to a solution that scales without any IT hassles. I want technology to be an aid, not a burden. And I want a team of experts I trust to lead the way. I’m ready.”

Well said. Let’s make that happen.

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